Argent Diversions

  1. It’s been a while. There’s a lot I have to think about. And a lot that I have thought about. Sometimes I wonder if it’s worth posting these rantings somewhere more accessible, like the Argent Peacemaker did, and moved on to tumblr. On another note, it’s time for me, like him, to strike out as my own person and move into the world. For one thing, he and I have stopped the self-pity trend, at least from visible eyes. Now it’s time to take it to the writing, still writing, of course, but not letting personal feelings get in the way. Only stepping back and letting cold analytical perspective take over.

    On that note, the thing I happened to observe is that humans are among the most inhumane creatures ever. Pretend that, for the sake of this example, my friend from junior high that no one knows about in high school has died. Of course I’m going to be sad. If I was close to them, perhaps my grades would slip. Maybe I would slip into a depression. Now what do bystanders see? Oh. They had a bad day. What does the teacher see? A student who’s getting lazy. No one sees past the exteriors, to the interiors, and bothers to ask what’s wrong. And then there’s the very small percentage in the world who are willing enough, brave enough, to go up to someone and say only two words that could change everything. Two words that may mean the difference between life and death, help or suicide, or something more drastic like Columbine. Just two words.

    But we are humans. We’re self-centered, self-pitying, conniving, greedy little creatures. I am too. But step back, take a breath of perspective, and just look at what happens. Rants like these.

    On another note, perspective has led me to yet another junction. I’m starting to unravel the puzzle that is Alen and me, piece by piece, and I’m almost to coherency. Until then, I need to take a breath back. Just like the Argent Peacemaker.

    So to he who has led me down this path, I thank thee. It’s time for you and I to split off from our two-year gap and I wish you the best of luck on your journey. You’ve been a great role model to me, and I can’t help but wonder if someday I’ll see your face again and be able to talk to you, to confess to you, not as a person who liked you romantically, but as a person who loved your writing as it was so similar to my own. Thanks for being the vague light at the end of the tunnel, that indirect penumbra that cast me in the right direction. Thank you, ArdentSonata.

    And with that do I take my leave.


~ by Tayath on December 27, 2012.

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