Perspective. So vital. So fleeting. I look you in the eyes- you are exactly who I expect you to be. I take a step left- you are Chibi. I tilt my head- you are Shinseki. A thousand people and a thousand memories, packed into one person who stands three inches shorter than I and contains more intelligence than I could have hoped to grasp at that age. A single perspective can bind someone in love, in hatred, in remorse, in nostalgia, or in all of the above.

Perspective. We grasp at straws to gain it, and yet no man can hold true universal perspective. It’s all relative. But doing some reading, it’s saddening to see how many people are so focused on the external… on the outward appearance, and the trivial, petty arguments that go in support of this paradigm… and very few can see past that outward shell and grasp at the inside. But if we, ourselves, are making facades to layer up our true, vulnerable self, how can anyone truly know another person, even past the external flesh?

Very few people will know someone intimately enough to say they truly know them. Very few people will learn the stories, from beginning to end, of another person; very few of those will be able to analyze that person even better than they can judge themselves. But for me- to see those who are capable of reaching past the looks and who grasp the core of a being, be it facade or real- they are the friends worth dying for.


~ by Tayath on October 30, 2012.

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