Marching forward into tomorrow
With an outstretched hand rejected
Ten thousand shards behind,
And a scant hundred collected
An unscathed appearance masking
The secret tears and rips
As silent silver rain falls
From sorrow-laden lips
From pictures of the past
Come the overwhelming sadness
That shreds the inner psyche
Into degenerating madness
But say the word and they will act
Despite the consequences
Despite the constant scrutiny
Of life’s observing lenses
Ignored, the wistful glances and
Ignored, the silent pleas
Ignored, be they on solid legs
Or begging on their knees
And left behind a ruined world
Where all is ripped and tattered
Where once a war was fought and lost
And a heart, in pieces, shattered.

~ by Tayath on June 9, 2012.

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