Never Alone

Reaching out from the growing shadows
under the darkening skies
to a counterpart living elsewhere
in a place bathed in the sunrise
Through the same quagmire they travel
armed with wit and bullet alike
one shrouded in burning crimson
and the other in tainted white
Trading stories rather than gunshots
and glances rather than blows
both seeking an unseen companion
abandoned by those they know
By faceless, wounded and guarded
commonality lessens the pain
from the hesitant flow of sentences
and two beings with naught to gain
Separated by unseen barriers
never knowing the other’s name
two shadows comfort each other
united by only a game

~ by Tayath on May 19, 2012.

One Response to “Never Alone”

  1. Wait vog and skolver? or am i way off? Nice 🙂

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