Chasing Hallelujah

I just had a rather… semi-profound moment. I was running through rooms in Spiral Knights looking for a single, un-findable recipe, and singing Leonard Cohen’s Hallelujah to myself… that recipe wasn’t even for me…

I find myself rather incoherent right now. There’s no way to really explain how I’m feeling, but I’m listening to Kyle Landry’s version of ‘Hallelujah’ and I gotta say, it really expresses all the emotions that really, ever need to be said. When coupled with the lyrics, it gains even more meaning.

I’ve been really, really, detached this week… Alen’s going off to somewhere for a week, and there’s AP/IB testing coming up this month, not to mention a whole hodgepodge of things that would take me a page, or maybe two, to write about. But sometimes, it’s just good to kick back and listen to a single song, that can take away every other feeling and just leave you relaxed. 

First, what I’m vaguely worried about. There’s another person close to Alen that might be after him, but hell, after listening to this song, I don’t really feel that worried. What I was originally fearing was well, him and her together, but I feel better about that now. I do hope Alen enjoys his week in Florida, though- he says he’s, among competing at Science Olympiad Nationals, going to the Everglades, Universal Studios Orlando, NASA, Kennedy Space Center, and a beach. Lucky guy XD

Second thing! Remember that post about that masochist guy who got asked to Sadies and said yes? Well apparently he and his counterpart are going to run for prom prince and princess! GOD HELP ME THE WORLD IS ENDING!!! 

Thing number three… I’m forgetting all that I want to say. Just that… well, this world may seem screwed up at times- and I know; those who know me might know that I spend some nights crying my eyes out, or screaming hateful words at the world- but today I feel hope. Like there’s something worth living for, even in all this darkness.

Until then, this is Xairathan, chasing that bit of hallelujah in the midst of the shadows.



~ by Tayath on May 11, 2012.

One Response to “Chasing Hallelujah”

  1. ❤ Xair you make me go halelujah 😮

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