Drive By

This song, ‘Drive By’ by Trains, is stuck in my head like gum stuck to the bottom of my shoe. Once again, it’s time for another pointless philosophic romantic rant. 

First, the philosophic part. I just had my leg operated on a week ago, and now I’m back to school limping around on a pair of crutches. On the first day back, my friends decide to go watch the Euro Bowl (which does not pertain to us and which I, being on crutches and not being able to navigate tight spaces, cannot attend). It doesn’t help that on the second day back, I’m all alone eating lunch at the “Asian Tree” (name of the tree where my friends normally eat lunch). 

So I decided that this week off really was good for me, and now I know more now than ever who my real friends are (that being, no one :X). 

Second off, I’ve been listening to ‘Drive By’ and now it’s stuck in my head. Makes me think of me and a certain Dragon out there. After approximately 4 hours of Spiral Knights with said dragon, filled with laughter and more than our share of failing, I’m beginning to think my decisions aren’t actually the best ever. Sure, being with him makes me more than forget about my injured and hurting leg, but is it worth the depression that I receive every time I’m beaten down in-game? And is pursuing him really going to be worth it, atop two metal legs and one organic?

I don’t think there’s anything left for me to chase. I think what I’m chasing is an illusion, something I myself am putting myself to believe in order to motivate myself through life. But once high school is over, once all my promises are kept and I have no more obligations, then we’ll see what really happens, and what I really want to do. 

There’s no re:title in this entry. Only this sense of me, not knowing what to do or where to go…

And wondering if there is even a next year.


~ by Tayath on May 6, 2012.

2 Responses to “Drive By”

  1. ❤ Xair 😦 Love you ^^

  2. If people can chase a magical entity that they claim they can speak to, only in their minds of course, which commands them to take actions against anyone who doesn’t believe in this magical, spiritual entity ~ I believe chasing love is not as bad

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