Heartbreak, Version 1

Now that a certain Valkyriana and Adele have been plugging my head with “Someone Like You”, I’m beginning to have my first misgivings about this thing called ‘love’. Put me with a romance/tragedy/action novel, a whole lot of going-on in school, and stuff both in-game and IRL and what do you get? That’s right, one demented Xairathan!

In all seriousness, I really am doubting myself. I watched this Youtube video a while back, and one of the quotes was “All relationships end in two ways. A marriage, or a break-up.” Honestly, what if I just don’t care and getting into a relationship is just something to distract myself from all the crap going on around me? Then again, what if I get into a relationship and don’t want to let go when it’s time to say “Goodbye”?

I’m actually talking to him about how he made Chlorine gas over the summer. Honestly. Makes me wonder if continuing this friendship is in my best interests. Not for manipulative purposes, but for my health. God knows what’ll happen.

Silv, Esp? Anything?



~ by Tayath on March 12, 2012.

One Response to “Heartbreak, Version 1”

  1. It’s good. I approve. And nothings ever sure, Xair, so don’t make predictions now. Just wait. ^^

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