Never Let Go

Hello WordPress. It’s been a while, eh? Well March has come around, I’ve asked a certain someone to Sadies and I’m hoping to God they say yes; I’m maybe 70% done with my novel, and I just started listening to Adele. Set Fire To The Rain on what, 100x repeat kthxbai. 

But in all seriousness, time to address the title of my post. I was taking a look around my gaming world and noticed that I have some friends on there that have never logged on, and that I’ve slowly been deleting them from my memory (RIP thunderdragonca and at least ten others that I’ve scrapped D:). But I noticed Espyrn and Shreemp and a whole bunch of friends are still on the list, and they’ve been inactive for ages. Is it just me hoping for their return, or my overall nostalgic self? 

One thing I’m certainly never doing is deleting a certain dragon whose name starts with an ‘A’ from this list. My real-life friendships, much like my in-game ones, have been decaying rapidly. Someday I may just delete ‘Espyre’ from the list of memories. Someday I might have to erase the entire list, and past then will I even remember them?

That’s all we are: pictures and words and names. Without them, there’s no proof that I ever existed. I’ll leave that hanging for now.

P.S. If God loves everyone equally does that make him Communist?



~ by Tayath on March 11, 2012.

One Response to “Never Let Go”

  1. One. HE BETTER SAY YES. >:D

    Two. ADELE <33333 I like the song Chasing Pavements O_o

    Three. DONT DELETE MEEE!!!! ❤

    Four. Your more than just those physical things xairbear ❤


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