Nostalgia Trip

So I was scanning through some old vids of my friend’s and stumbled upon something completely new that I had only heard of, and seen part of, but never viewed in full. That inspired me to write something in my old Argent-style, so here it is. (No, it’s not about me XD)

A slow, simple start
With one hand in another
Pressed indirectly heart to heart
With a world to discover
With a warm half-embrace
And a spin, drifting forward
Into infinite space
As emotions race onward
And pan, side-to-side
Slip away, and return
See possibility rise
See the feelings unspurned
And dance, do the shadows
In this unending state
One eager and waiting
And the other afraid
Past the dances and shadows
Past the days and nights
Past the everyday clash
Past the too-human frights
At the end of the road
Does the friendship dissolve?
Or continue still onward
With renewed resolve?

~ by Tayath on February 18, 2012.

One Response to “Nostalgia Trip”

  1. I like this. You are a great poet ^_^

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