Yet Another Poetic Rant

Here’s again to D, to our problems both in TF2 and in real life, and to the friendship that I’m not sure is even worth saving.

The was a time

When we used to be friends

When we used to laugh together

Sigh together

Mourn together

Now, standing together

So close and yet so far

Apart from each other

From another

Not like the other

The path forked

A long while ago

But we didn’t notice

Wouldn’t notice

Couldn’t notice

Until you were separate

And I was alone

Staring after you

Longing after you

Hating after you

So keep walking now

When I turn around

I don’t want to see you

Don’t want to hear you

Don’t want to know you

But within the recesses

Of my shattered heart

I’ll remember you

Remember the memories

Remember the days

When we were once friends


~ by Tayath on January 28, 2012.

One Response to “Yet Another Poetic Rant”

  1. Love the format!

    Really emphasizes your purpose and emotion 🙂

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