Falling out

I now know why people call a fight a ‘falling out’. During the aftermath, the emotions that pass through are enough to make me feel like I’m falling. Not just ‘fall and dust yourself off’, I mean ‘falling and there’s no ground coming up to catch you’. I guess the stress of finals and college prep and all is finally getting to me. Maybe I shouldn’t have been so las, so DGAF-ing, these last two and a half years. 

Oh, and apparently I just accepted a double-dog-dare to ask a certain you-know-who out to Sadies this year. Mein gott. As if life could not get any better.

Hey life. You and me, we need to have a falling out.

Please excuse me while I throttle life.


~ by Tayath on January 20, 2012.

One Response to “Falling out”

  1. /me catches Xair.

    Is it still odd I read this?


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