It’s 12:03 in the morning. It’s less than a week until finals, and I still feel rather apathetic. Despite all the drama going on around me- the stress, the romance, and the interesting things that you end up finding out about- I can’t really feel at all. It’s really surreal.

Sometimes you end up learning more about someone than you want to. I have no idea where I’m going  with this, so I’ll take this and run: I honestly don’t know how I learned so much about (insert person’s name here); how did I ever find out about (insert dark hidden secret here), and I’m surprised that I didn’t see (insert obvious thing here) before!

^That about sums up my entire week/month/year. :/ You have to admit, once you start looking into stuff with a grain of salt in the hindsight, there’s a whoooooole lot of stuff you can end up thinking about, or noticing.

I guess the real reason I’m on this spiel is because I think I’m losing my friend(s?). We haven’t really been close as a group, except for maybe two of us- one of which I’ve finally decided (after emotional turmoil and dinosaur fights)- to be shot of. Problem is, they’re still my friend. The first week after our semi-parting was carried out in rather apathetic fashion. Now I’m stuck in a tug-o-war between “I want to go back” and “I want to move on”. Not to mention I think I screwed things up with the person I happen to like, who is ALSO another one of my friends. Junior year, why you so angsty?

Anyways, if you happened to make it alllllll the way down here, thanks for reading my little rant, and I am anti-SOPA. This probably means my diet of soup won’t be lasting much longer (Spanish joke haha oh crap I have a Spanish project to complete, too!)

Okay. Time to speak that Spanish. Until next,



~ by Tayath on January 19, 2012.

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