Insert Wrathful Title Here

Firstly this is a rage-post, not to be taken seriously, so please feel free to skip this.

To D/Huntsman/Espyrn/what-have-you, thanks for everything and for nothing. Thanks for being my best friend and worst enemy. Thanks for standing by my side and abandoning me, both when I need them most and least. Thanks for writing everything that I couldn’t think of, then letting me think of it anyways. And thanks for leading me into the light.

I used to be the light side of the darkness. Now I’m the dark side of the light, and I can’t tell which is worse. So enjoy your existence while you still can. No, I’m not going to end it; I’m too… nice, is that the word?- to end it. But I do (and do not) believe in what humans call ‘karma’. So have a nice (rest of your) life.

Rage ended here. Sorry again.


~ by Tayath on November 19, 2011.

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  1. (Am I a what-have-you?)

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