Girl With the Silversix

As I stared at the Ash Tail lying on the ground

And the bars of pips and residue strewn all around

I looked down at the Striker who had carried, just for kicks

A little tiny six-shooter that they called the Silversix

We locked their spawn so tight not even Recons passed us by

Smash, Ruy, and Ruby, let it go and Espy let it fly

An AFK-er sat alone but that did naught to fix

The determination of the Ash Tail girl with a Silversix

The score was in our favor and time was running low

It took nothing to kill them; it took only one blow

So many targets boosting there, so many heads to pick

And all of them were sighted by the girl with the Silversix

The battle ended with a blaze of electricity

Two Jemps lay dead upon the ground for everyone to see

And as we piled them atop a pyre of logs and sticks

We stopped a moment to recall the girl with the Silversix

This is basically all my PvP game adventures put together. Enjoy.


~ by Tayath on November 5, 2011.

One Response to “Girl With the Silversix”

  1. Aww I’m not in it! haha but i love the idea.

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